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WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world, and one of the reasons that has made it so popular is that it runs on almost any type of hosting.

That is, it can run well on shared servers, dedicated servers, as well as paid servers or free servers.

Today we are going to analyze if it is possible to have free hosting with WordPress, so that at least at the beginning of your project you can save some money.

But everything does not go through money in reality in what is the world of web hosting, but because the provider is reliable, fast and secure.

Let’s start by analyzing the WordPress requirements nowadays.
Minimum WordPress requirements

WordPress so that it can be installed on a server needs to meet certain minimum requirements, like all software.

What we are going to advance, is that the WordPress requirements are so but so common, that nowadays there is no provider in the world that does not allow its installation.

The only scenario we can imagine where the WordPress requirements are not met is if your hosting just offers you a plan that does not have databases (that’s where WP keeps all the information).

You must also take into account something important, although these that you will see below are the minimum requirements of WordPress, that does not mean that by fulfilling your WordPress will work wonders.

That WordPress goes fast and shows no errors also depends in large part on how good the web hosting provider WordPress you’ve hired is.

That is to say, that you do not arrive just with the requirements, but that you can have sufficient resources to go much further, and allow you a growth to 6 months or 1 year by adding information such as text, images or videos.

That said, the WordPress requirements are:

100 MB of Disk: is the minimum recommended by WordPress developers. Although keep in mind that if you want to grow a bit you have to have at least 1GB or 2GB of disk to store photos, graphics, etc. Remember also that the disk is SSD, something that is essential to have a fast hosting.

10 GB of Transfer: this is the minimum we recommend so you can start with your WordPress blog. You must be clear that the data transfer is consumed with the visits you receive, that is, it will help you to start but as your traffic grows, you will consume more. The good thing is that in any shared hosting they allow uploading of plans, so you can scale it in the future if you need more.

PHP support: WordPress is based on PHP, it is the language chosen by Matt Cutts since version 1.0 of this software. So your Hosting will have to endure it, something that almost all web hosting providers today do without problem. Recommended minimum version PHP 5.2.4, although seeing the benefits of PHP 7.x, it is better that you get a provider that supports PHP 7.2 or PHP 7.3 first.

MySQL server: all the information that WordPress shows on the web is stored in MySQL databases. The recommended minimum version is 5.0.15, or similar versions of MariaDB. Although the ideal is that you use MySQL 5.6 or 5.7 to get the best performance.


This company of North American origin offers you up to 250 MB of disk, 6GB of traffic, email accounts, 1 MySQL 5.x database and up to 10MB of disk for said database.

It may be good for WordPress, although it is one of the least resourceful, as we said before, it would be ideal for temporary, very temporary tests.

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